Gallery Tour through Schwabing

A secretive courtyard in the heart of Schwabing was the rendezvous of 30 OUS Munich members, who met up on May 2nd, 2013 for an exclusive guided tour through some of the most delightful galleries ofMunich’s thriving art district.

Dr. Florentine Rosemeyer, a well-known German art expert, guided us through hand-picked galleries and fascinated the group with her insights and explanations.

We started off at Barbara Gross Galerie – one of the most relevant platforms for female artists in Europe– and moved from one highlight to the next when visiting the galleries De Martino, Wittenbrink and Barbara Ruetz – all exhibiting upcoming and established artist from all around the world.

A highlight for everyone were the paintings of the contemporary Finnish artist Petri Niemelä with their aesthetically meaningful depiction of the human being in the modern world. Niemelä strips his protagonists of all social attributes to represent them in their pure humanity, just by themselves or “itsekseen” as he calls it.

Who would have thought that, hidden in backyards of downtownMunich, the world of art is happening!

Yet not only the artworks held the attention of our group. Also Florentine’s invaluable insider’s insights into the world of contemporary art, current artistic trends and what happens behind the scenes in the art business raised great interest. There was much to be learned about art trading, art prices and the journey upcoming artists have to make on their way to fame.

The tour ended with drinks and dinner in one of Munich`s stylish restaurants, La Baracca, where the fellow Oxonians had time to meet and catch up.

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